Electrical Fire Protection



Electrical room and electrical panels can be found in almost every industrial and building. The potential for overloaded circuits, power surges and equipment failures meant that fire risk is prevalent in all electrical enclosures. A fire in an electrical enclosure would be destructive to property, cause business downtime and threaten lives.

PYROGEN has developed EXA aerosol extinguishing modules for electrical room, electrical panels, switchgear and racks which is non pressurised, environmentally friendly, no piping; easy to install or maintenance and Standalone Autonomous System (no required external power source or battery). PYROGEN has protected the electrical enclosures for numerous sites in power generation and electrical industries all over Australia, Asia and Europe.

At TVPN, we supply our customers with products that provide real world solutions for their unique needs and strive to provide them unequaled service and technical support.

We provides free-of-charge risk assessment, system design and quotation for your intended application.

We will be happy to assist if you would kindly forward us the detailed engineering layout or schematic of the intended protected area and/or equipment.

Reach out to us via info@tvpn.co.id or 021 26080740 and you’ll receive a prompt reply from our representative.

  • Electrical Room
  • Electrical Cabinet
  • Switchgear
  • Electrical Rack, etc

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