NOTIFIER ONYXWorks Fire System Graphical Monitoring

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Fire System Graphical Monitoring


NOTIFIER ONYXWorks is the next generation in life safety management for centralized control and monitoring of the fire alarm system. The intuitive, graphical display allows personnel to rapidly pinpoint, investigate, and respond to alarm events with minimal operator training. Versatile enough for single-site, multi-site and even worldwide applications, the ONYXWorks graphical workstation allows end-users to manage their NOTIFIER life safety system over a proprietary network or Ethernet. Through its intelligent gateway architecture, ONYXWorks can easily meet the needs of expanding systems. ONYXWorks is also an ideal retrofit solution, supporting seamless integration with competitive panels. Additionally, ONYXWorks provides mass notification capabilities through IP-based voice paging and LED sign integration.

  • Operates on Microsoft Windows 10 (64 bit, Enterprise)
  • Supports up to 200 intelligent gateways, with 200 nodes per gateway
  • Maximum Remote Users: 50
  • Point Capacity: 250,000
  • History File Capacity: 2.5 Million Records
  • Compatible with standard, high-speed NOTI•FIRE•NET, and Ethernet-based networks.
  • NOTI•FIRE•NET gateway redundancy for network survivability.
  • Customizable interface provides flexibility to display information as desired.
  • Supports dual monitors
  • Dynamically generated floor plan overview provides point of reference when using the zoom function.
  • Device information, including point address and description, can be quickly accessed through icon left-click function.
  • Navigational tree, icons and configurable areas provide easy access to system floor plans.
  • Graphic and text display of all off-normal events.
  • Six states can be visually represented for each input device: Normal, Trouble, Fire Alarm, Pre-Alarm (detectors), Disabled and Security.
  • Automatic screen navigation (configurable) to the device in alarm, based on event priority.
  • Operator log with response tracking.
  • UL Listed
  • FM Approved