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Intumescent Fire Protection Steel Coating


PYRO-SAFE FLAMMOPLAST SP-A2 essentially consists of intumescent substances and binding agents. The efficacy of the intumescent coating depends on the formation of a heat-insulating foam. In the event of a fire the intumescent coatings foam and form an insulating layer.

Field of Application

Applicable intumescent fire protection coating on water-based dispersion. Approved product to protect structural steel (columns, beams and truss), tested for i-sections and hollow sections.

  • Easy application using brush, roller, airless spray gun or compressed air
  • Economic application
  • Various proofs for different primers and top coatings
  • Individual colour design – top coatings of various suppliers are available in almost every colour
  • Visual preservation of the steel construction and space-saving application thanks to low film thicknesses
  • Very low static loads of the coated steel constructions
  • Suitable for open and hollow sections
  • Solvent free, contains no halogens
  • Does not contain asbestos, lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium or polybrominated biphenyl
  • Does not release toxic fumes

Tested and approved according to international standards as e.g.: EN, GOST and CSN, other standards on request

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