Intumescent Fire Protection Cable Bandage


PYRO-SAFE DG-CR is a flexible composite fibre glass fabric with grey external PU coating and internal red-coloured intumescent coating. in the event of a fire, thermal exposure causes it to form a heat-insulating foam layer on the inside which fills the free space between the structural component to be protected and the fabric thereby preventing the fire from spreading.

Field of Application

Fire protection fabric used as cable bandage ; cable and cable support
  • Very quick reaction with a strong foaming pressure
  • No cleaning of the cable systems required
  • Easy to retrofit cables
  • Easy to handle - no special equipment is required
  • No film thickness measuring necessary
  • Intumescent paint on one side only - exposed side easy to clean
  • Weather resistant - suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Solvent-free, contains no halogens
  • Resistant against moisture, freeze-thaw cycles, UV radiation and various oils and chemicals
  • Does not contain asbestos, lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium or polybrominated biphenyl
  • Does not release toxic fumes
  • No explosion protection required for the application
  • Non-hazardous material in accordance with GefStoffV [Gefahrstoffverordnung: German regulation on hazardous substances]
  • Creation of intumescent layer through chemical reaction
  • Protective layer (foam-like, carbon matrix)

Tested and approved according to international standards as e.g.: ETA and EN, other standards on request

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