Fire Protection Cable Tube


PYRO-SAFE CT Cable Tube is an independent fire protection penetration sealing system for cables, electrical conduits and other applications. It consist of two plastic half-shells with an intumescent fire protection fabric PYRO-SAFE DG-CR glued to the entire inside surface and two Foam-Plugs. It is easy to install and meets all of the specified fire protection requirements,

In the event of a fire, the intumescent fire protection fabric, bonded into half-shells foams, seals the spaces between the cables and thereby prevents the fire from spreading. The insulating effect of the foamed material reduces thermal conduction. Soft foam plugs which are adapted to the application and sealed with the ablative PYRO-SAFE FLAMMOTECT-A are used to seal the face ends, and act as cold smoke seals.

Field of Application

PYRO-SAFE CT can be configured in groups and, depending on design, can be fully filled with electrical cables and conductors, optical fibre cables, cable bundles and electrical conduits according to EN 61386-22 made of PE-HD with and without cable filling plus PVC-U conduits, HVAC split line combinations, PE lines Gabocom „speed pipe“ (for glass fibre cables and micro cables), bundled or individually, without glass fibre cables up to 100% of the tube opening.

  • Weather resistant - suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Fast and easy installation
  • 100% filling of the cable tube cross-section possible
  • No additional framing is required in plasterboard
  • Easy retrospective installation
  • Installation possible even after cable pulling
  • Group configurations with zero spacing possible

Tested and approved according to international standards as e.g.: DIN, EN, UL and BS, other standards on request

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