PotterNet Fire & Facility Supervising Station

PotterNet Fire & Facility Supervising Station

Graphical Monitoring Control Software


Introducing the newest and most innovative graphical monitoring control software in the industry. Ensure optimal performance and lasting protection on select Potter IP-Based systems using unmatched technology. A simple configuration will have your system monitored in minutes with advanced tools that allow endless customization.

PotterNet is a desktop application that facilitates the monitoring and control of IPA, AFC/ARC, and PFC-4064 fire alarm control panels. It utilizes a distributed client-server model for communication in order to reduce or eliminate single points of failure.

PotterNet will monitor all of your compatible Potter panels in a single building, on a local campus, or across multiple sites anywhere in the world.

  • Connect up to 1000 potter panels in a single building, local campus, or multiple sites worldwide using LAN/WAN/Internet
  • PotterNet-Lite is optimized to monitor one Potter fire panel
  • Native Ethernet networking connectivity with fire panels and PotterNet stations, eliminating need for additional hardware, converters, gateways, or network interface cards
  • End-to-end supervision of all panels and PotterNet stations
  • 300,000 point capacity
  • BACnet/IP client for monitoring legacy fire systems
  • Customizable floor plans
  • Changes update automatically across all PotterNet stations
  • Read status on any panel point to view critical settings and current status
  • Panel and point control from any PotterNet: acknowledge, Silence, Reset, enable, Disable, and Drill
  • Flexible licensing and software service agreement provides latest software updates
  • Single or multiple monitor support with floatable and dockable windows
  • UL 864 Listed proprietary, Central Station & Remote Station Supervising Station Control Unit (UOJZ) - S735
  • Developed, manufactured and supported by Potter in the U.S.A.
  • UL Listed ;
  • P (RU) - Proprietary System (Supervising Station Receiving Unit) - PB
  • CS (RU) - Central Station System (Supervising Station Receiving Unit) - PB
  • RS (RU) - Remote Station (Supervising Station Receiving Unit) - PB