NOTIFIER FSC-851 Addressable Multi Criteria Detector

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addressable multi detector


Addressable Advanced Multi Criteria Detector With Four Unique Sensing Elements


NOTIFIER FSC-851 is latest addition to Notifier’s Advanced Detection line combines four complementary technologies into one device to convey accurate fire sensing information for locations where absolute certainty is required. It is designed for use with Notifier’s ONYX series fire alarm control panels (FACP).

This plug-in fire detector combines four separate sensing elements in one unit:

  1. Electrochemical cell technology that monitors carbon monoxide (CO) produced by smoldering fires
  2. Infrared (IR) sensing that measures ambient light levels and flame signatures
  3. Photoelectric smoke detection
  4. Thermal detection for temperature monitoring
  • Unique ability to detect all four major elements of a fire
  • Highest nuisance alarm immunity
  • Advanced algorithms interpret and respond to the multiple inputs
  • Six levels of sensitivity
  • CO sensing for fastest response to slow developing, smoldering fires
  • Fully integrated infrared sensing to support the fire alarm decision
  • Automatic drift compensation of smoke sensor and CO cell
  • Superior EMI protection
  • Twin LED indicators providing 360° visibility
  • LEDs can be panel controlled to blink, latch on, latch off
  • Built-in test switch
  • UL Listed
  • FM Approved