Building Fire Protection



Fire protection system is an important component of a building’s safety plan, regardless of whether it’s a office, hotels, apartments, hospital, malls, school, airports, etc. Without a fire protection system, the lives of those who are inside the building are placed at a high risk in the event an emergency, and according to statistics of fires by NFPA – USA indicates that:

  1. 67% of the victims died of smoke and toxic gases
  2. 56% of fire victims were not in the fire location
  3. in event of fire only 47% (slowing the evacuation process)
  4. the speed of fire smoke ranged between 15-100 m / min

That’s why Total Fire Protection; Fire Detection and Notification System, Fire Suppression and Firestop - Passive Fire Protection is required to help protect the building and its occupants during a fire.

At TVPN, we supply our customers with products that provide real world solutions for their unique needs and strive to provide them unequaled service and technical support.

We provides free-of-charge risk assessment, system design and quotation for your intended application.

We will be happy to assist if you would kindly forward us the detailed engineering layout or schematic of the intended protected area and/or equipment.

Reach out to us via or 021 26080740 and you’ll receive a prompt reply from our representative.

  • Electrical Room; Electrical Cabinet, Switchgear, Shaft Cable, Cable Tray
  • Transformer
  • Generator Room
  • UPS & Battery Room
  • Control Rooms
  • IT Room / Data Center,
  • Storage Room
  • Laundry Facility
  • Archives
  • Kitchen, etc

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