POTTER PAD100-DUCTR Duct Detector

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ducting smoke detector


Analog Addressable Duct Detector


The PAD100-DUCTR is designed and built to meet all local requirements, as well as the NFPA regulations regarding duct smoke detectors. Air sampling is accomplished by two tubes which protrude into the duct. An exhaust tube of one standard length (7") is supplied in the installation kit with the smoke duct unit. Once the duct width has been determined the air intake sampling tubes must be ordered. Sampling tubes are supplied in three standard lengths: 2.5 ft., 5 ft., and 10 ft. and cut to size to fit the duct. Mounting the duct smoke unit is accomplished by the use of a template and 2 sheet metal screws, which are provided. Mounting can be achieved without the removal of the clear cover which is secured by 4 capture screws.

  • Detects smoke in building HVAC ducts
  • Ships complete with housing and head
  • Compatible with addressable IPA and AFC/ARC series panels
  • SLC Class a, Class X & Class B
  • Installation without removing the head
  • Listed air Velocity of 100 to 4,000 ft/minute
  • No screens or filters in housing
  • Durable plastic enclosure and clear cover
  • Integrated cover tamper switch
  • Utilizes simple snap in sampling tubes STN series
  • One form C relay
  • Compatible with supervised PAD100-DRTS remote test switch, MS-RA, MS-KA/R, MS-KA/P/R remote indicators
  • UUKL Listed for Smoke Control
  • UL Listed
  • FM Approved